How to deal with muscle fatigue

Published by: gibsonrun on 17th Dec 2013 | View all blogs by gibsonrun
An intense workout will leave you feeling strong, happy, motivated, healthy, and in some cases, on top of the world... Satisfaction from a good workout (plus iphone 4s cases the happy endorphins that are released during physical activity) may make you forget about the painful side of working out-muscle strain. But when the high wears off and your initial workout-grin fades, you may be left feeling less than fab, and in some cases, in a lot of pain.Muscle strain occurs when muscle fibers custom humor iphone 5 cases tear during a particularly intense workout. When you surpass your physical limitations, your body may feel the affects right away or shortly thereafter when the normal workout burn subsides. If you find yourself feeling localized muscle pain, stiffness, or discoloration around a painful muscle, youve likely developed a strain that will probably need some attention. Here are some ways you can find pain relief nurse your strained muscles back to health:1. Rest - What your muscles need most is a break, not just from that overachieving workout that put you here in the first place, but from all unnecessary activities. Avoid lifting heavy objects or staying on your feet for too long. Give your body the break it needs and deserves.2. Ice - Its likely that your muscles are inflamed, and that calls for some serious anti-inflammatory pain relief, which, in its most basic form is ice. This will reduce muscle swelling and reduce pain. Wrap some ice in a towel and ice the affected area for about 10 minutes.3. Wrap - Swollen muscles will feel better if they are wrapped tightly in an ace bandage. Compression will also help reduce the swell.4. Painkillers - Sometimes all of the above is not enough to relieve the pain caused by muscle strain and what youll need is a reliable painkiller which also serves as an anti-inflammatory aid. Try Celebrex-itll provide the pain relief you need and will cut back on the swelling, which will in-turn, make you feel even better. Article Tags: Muscle Strain Do you want a cool and top quality phone case for your cellphone? And It can not only protect your phone from harm, but also can make you cool.There are no fond of it? Go here There are shousands of cases for iphone 4/4s/5 and samsung galaxy cellphone. Immediately go and see, there must be a right for you! 相关的主题文章:



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