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Published by: zhangxue on 20th Dec 2013 | View all blogs by zhangxue
CCTV Fire floor time delay is tense construction CCTV Fire floor, take on an altogether new aspect, charred traces have all gone to debut new. Reporters yesterday from Beijing urban construction isabel marant shoes group was informed that, at present, mechanical and electrical installation and interior decoration is in full swing. According to the present progress, is expected to repair project will be delayed to 2013 completed. reporter yesterday in the CCTV building site fire outside see, uggs laarzen charred traces have been removed, take on an altogether new aspect of the main structure of the new appearance. Responsible for the construction of the Beijing urban construction group responsible person told the reporter said, frame and glass curtain wall and charred has been demolished, and can continue to use the site, the blasting technology. "This technology was first used in the repair engineering." currently, repair programme has been replique montres basically established, but the related design plan is still in the amendment and improvement. According to introduction, mechanical and electrical installation and interior decoration has been launched. As the repair scheme has been demonstrated, therefore, all the repair project completion would be delayed to 2013. The re decoration. Floor will be broadly consistent with the original design, taking into account the part of the building was on fire is the use of refractory material unqualified, the re decoration will be the use of refractory material best, and strict in quality control. (Beijing Youth Daily) 相关的主题文章: ugg boots Last month, Beijing prices fell for the copie montres During the first half of this year China's economy grew 7.8% \(GDP\) Patek Philippe Replica Watches Baiying haute couture spring Summer 2010 fashion



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