mbt outlet Under the ice snow world singular icicles glittering colorful

Published by: zhangxue on 29th Nov 2013 | View all blogs by zhangxue
, a Russian photographer accidentally found an ice world, was immediately attracted to the fantastic scene, then took a group photo of incomparable. These wonderful photography presents transparent cylindrical exquisite and unbelievable crystal shape. The secret world Russia Lenin Ziegler eastern state Youkasi River under the ice. The cavitation is 2 feet in depth, there are some transparent cylindrical and crystal shape, natural light inside the formation of different colors you might think this is a deep space probe photographed on another planet photos, it is also possible that the Arctic ice is under aboard a most advanced submarine mbt outlet photos. But in fact they are a 55 year old MBT Couples Sport Russian photographer works. He just put his head into the frozen river under a void, easily captured these beautiful photos. This simple structure nature make these photos more unusual. beautiful natural ice the pictures show hidden wonders of the world in eastern Russia Lenin Ziegler, a frozen river under the ice and snow, sparkling, formed a colorful and wonderful world. Every winter, the cold weather will make. Youkasi river ice, but sharp 55 year old Russian photographer Yuri Ovey Yisi Nikov discovered the multilayer ice world, it is formed in the air gap, a depth of about 2 feet (about 0.6 meters), located in mbt kisumu womens sandals the icy water and water, the still River flow. 相关的主题文章: cheap ugg boots Guangdong Shenzhen believes that the construction of low-income Réplique montre suisse [exposure] in the sale of clothing apparel Hunan into ne replique montre suisse rolex Cartelo crocodile CARTELO national top ten best-sel



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