Replique montre 2012 ten guess Shanghai challenge 3000

Published by: zhangxue on 24th Nov 2013 | View all blogs by zhangxue
2012 ten guess: Shanghai challenge 3000 points - obviously, increased A shares free float market capitalization trend belongs to the low elevation, high up, according to the trend of development is expected in 2012, if the market environment has improved, financing is not stopped, the free flow of Replique montre the market value is expected to ray ban outlet exceed 100000 yuan mark. If in 2012 the European debt crisis continues to rage, and formed a larger drag on exports to China, at the beginning of the year, there will be thousands of conjecture lingering in people's mind, the end of every year, and there will be a variety of loss accompanies about you and me. 2011 has been in the past, to the stock market seems to be only slightly bitter memories; 2012 has arrived, investors are still blank in the mood. We can't guarantee "ten guess" covering all of the stock market, but do not expect "ten guess" one one fulfilled, but seek longchamp outlet the probability of events long champ sale we unremittingly pursuit, ensure the professional level is our consistent principle. The Shanghai Composite Index 3000 points challenge 2000-3000 is the core, SSE Composite Index interval running brokerage strategy report in 2012 forecast. From the "consensus is always the same error" and "uncertainty" law point of view, the market is likely to eventually break through that extreme, breaking 2000 points, or wear 3000 point. objectively speaking, from the current operating environment A share market and fragile state of mind, the market breaking under the probability of 2000 point seems more. However, when the fund Chong Canggu sluggish, private mass liquidation, retail numb Kanpan as a normal, we prefer to believe -- "not very" will be "Tailai". "the market challenge 3000" seems to be difficult to obtain the support of listing Corporation performance. From the four quarter of 2011 macroeconomic data, constraints on the European economic downturn, structural transformation of incoming and other uggs cheap factors, the domestic economy and listing Corporation performance in the first quarter of 2012 hit the bottom had a more optimistic expectations. valuation of the central market in 2012 3000 points up is the best hope for challenge. On the one hand, with the entity economic growth down and fall in bond yields, the domestic economy weighted interest rate level is expected to downlink, the corresponding is ascending stock market valuation of the central. On the other hand, M1, M2 growth in the fourth quarter of 2011 have been at historic lows, display the tight liquidity situation has to limit, with moderately relaxed monetary policy in 2012, market liquidity driven market valuation up is also expected to appear. assumes that the performance of all A shares in 2012 the growth rate dropped to 7.5%, the market overall price earnings ratio to 13 times, the SSE Composite index corresponding to the point of 3044 points. Challenge 3000 points, this task seems to be serious, but not impossible. free flow of the market value of more than 10 yuan since 2009 August the Shanghai Composite Index to 3478 points at the end of a round of long-term rise, > 相关的主题文章: Camisetas fútbol Hot choice Nokia N8 coming soon cheap ugg boots Patek Philippe launched a new 7071 isabelle marant The United St



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