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Published by: zhangxue on 20th Nov 2013 | View all blogs by zhangxue
Chinese luxury goods consumption large is released, many international major suit launched the "China Wind" is no longer used dragon, Phoenix and other simple elements in China, they are considering the utmost efforts to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, the whole party with Chinese guide, Chinese service to cater to the Chinese consumer. Vacheron Constantin plum maki-e watch fashion consumption. Now how to create various Chinese element "ChinaChic" (Chinese style) has become a required course for the major luxury brands. celadon blue, red, Chinese ink painting, brocade silk, Peking opera...... A well-known luxury wind, China has intensified in recent years, has become a popular trend. according to the Luo Bo report statistics, China currently has about 2700000 rich, 63000 super rich (personal worth over 100000000 yuan a person), and the data is still kept growth. Pulsating enough huge consumer groups about fashion. luxury "Chinese expressions" no one brand will ignore China such a huge consumer groups aesthetic. Thus, in recent years, Chinese elements of clothing, jewelry, furniture and handicrafts in the international market increasingly popular. clock, is the undisputed in the luxury goods will enter. In the world of watches, panda, Chinese dragon, peacocks and other Chinese elements can be seen everywhere. Especially the "dragon" this image, many watch manufacturers as a limited edition launch. The launch of Patek Philippe originated from the Western Han Dynasty of China dragon jade "jade dragon" limited edition watch; PERREGAUX (Girard-Perregaux) is to have great originality, Chinese dragon as the theme, in homage to the classical Kunlun enamel process; (Corum) Classical Dragon Phoenix jumped when the watch is selected, as the protagonist, the two legendary animal mythology through the process, fine carved mother of Pearl and artificial painted out, really vivid. the bag on the market, Ferragamo, Barry, Versace brands have also pursued "cyclone". In 2012, Ferragamo released three limited edition handbags, "dragon" in Chinese red as the main color, global set limit to 20. Versace is a specially designed jewelry, handbags, the handle is made of gold, black bag with gold trim body, set limit to 210, and the only Asian sales. Compared to the launch Chinese elements of product, the luxury goods giant Hermes simply to "China shop at". In early 2008, Hermes played "tribute" to the long existing craftsmanship in China slogans, and Chinese designer Jiang chontaal together to create "up and down" the Chinese brand, positioning for the Chinese traditional handicraft. In its official website, showing the rosewood chair, traditional bamboo seats, thin slab, hand woven cashmere clothing, China jade, agate etc.. international luxury brand MontBlanc is the world's first concept store in the MontBlanc open > 相关的主题文章: rolex repliques Privacy Tools imitation montre europe Beautiful beautiful! The c kids shoe size conversion table Yu Fu Xiang finger



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