Longchamp Le Pliage Law Chi 516 series show Tissot (Tissot) Charm -- a grand lis

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Authors: A Li / November 23, 2011 new Tissot law Chi Series 516 grand debut The power of the engine comprehensive burst retro car Tissot law following the 516 series is a Longchamp Le Pliage legend of the watch industry, when the watch's original first launched in 1965, has caused widespread concern in the track of inside and outside, it delivers unremittingly, march forward courageously spirit of racing. At that time, the image of advertising is also very creative - one wearing a racing gloves driver wearing the watch, lets the human not only think of it with the motorsport origin. The advertisement has received many awards. Now, Tissot law Chi 516 series will be relying on sophisticated Swiss mechanical technology and rich nostalgic design, opened a new chapter for the deeply rooted in motor sport watch. The wearer can enjoy a precise experience brought new tabulation technology, also inadvertently to indulge in the past feelings. 1965 years Tissot PR516 series winning advertising racing spirit Discount Longchamp leader Tissot in 2005 launched the replica - law Chi Series 516 PR516, resembles the vintage racing wheel hole strap design and the glyph timing disk immediately aroused strong repercussions in the industry and consumers. 5 years later, excellence Tissot Designer Series modern more fashion elements into the series, the new law Chi 516 "reloaded"! The new law Chi 516 series still uphold the racing and sports spirit, while the English name "PRS516" it, P represents Particularly (unique), R represents Robust (strong) and S Sporty (motion) - this is the law following the DNA 516 series. New watch, many car detail design still let cheap ugg boots-uk a person shine at the moment, such as machinery, vintage racing wheel surface cover, make the car appeared on the wrist of the totem. Leather and steel, still maintained a hole type strap design 60's prototype, it was inspired by the hole was racing wheel in order to reduce the weight and the design of the keyhole and the car's glove. Watch the timing button used the piston design, press the clock button, reminiscent of the driving force of piston Pentium car engine. law Chi 516 watts automatic timing mechanical chronograph storageThe design of full of aura and law Chi 516 original art, new watches into fashion design elements of many contemporary. Three needle mechanical and quartz chronograph a dial diameter enlarged to 42 mm, tile reservoir core Longchamp Handbags UK is up to 45 mm, with the current trend of large dial, case line succinct smooth, reading more clear, more atmospheric. Timing disk Chronograph from square to round, echoing round design case and strap. The new water up to 100 meters, daily water, more than sufficient. law Chi 516 three needle machine The new law Chi 516 series uses long champ sale the modern and Gao Yang 相关的主题文章: replique montre The Converse released in China in imitation montre rado The design industry in the future the Eleventh China Summi replique montre Mercier (Baume & Mercier) present classima s



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